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Project and logistics is one of our experience since elevent years ago, our company since then mainly doing end to end logistics equipment and services. Our main customer needed to arrange from their workshop factory to appointed places. We are proudly to handle from small items to the giant items as our customer business as Industry of Power, oil and gas refinery, petrochemical, mining and metalurgy, cement plant, construction material, machinery manufacturing, various power plant project and military industry.

Logistics and Project for all oversized and over weight cargo, unusual dimmension, heavy cargo, we are offering our customer/partner customized service : logistics schedule development, technical solution, risk prevention, survey report and solution for execute plan, coordination between esteem vendors and realiable vendors, fully process supervision, custome clearence, inland transport with multimoda transportation with such efficient arrangement : shipping arrangement, river transport, loading, unloading, jacking and lashing, labeling and warehousing solution.

Mall Of Indonesia
French Walk Lourdes Blok G, No. 1
Jl. Boulevard Barat Raya - Kelapa Gading,
Jakarta 14350

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Graha YKPP Pertamina Unit III
Ruang 04
Jl. Veteran No. 06 – 08. Surabaya
Jawa Timur, Indonesia

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Fax. +62 31 355 4270