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About Us


Project and logistics is one of our experience since elevent years ago, our company since then mainly doing end to end logistics equipment and services. Our main customer needed to arrange from their workshop factory to appointed places. We are proudly to handle from small items to the giant items as our customer business as Industry of Power, oil and gas refinery, petrochemical, mining and metalurgy, cement plant, construction material, machinery manufacturing, various power plant project and military industry.

Logistics and Project for all oversized and over weight cargo, unusual dimmension, heavy cargo, we are offering our customer/partner customized service : logistics schedule development, technical solution, risk prevention, survey report and solution for execute plan, coordination between esteem vendors and realiable vendors, fully process supervision, custome clearence, inland transport with multimoda transportation with such efficient arrangement : shipping arrangement, river transport, loading, unloading, jacking and lashing, labeling and warehousing solution.

We are happy moving forward side by side with our customer, listening what they need, showing our personally intention and give them our very best problem solving from time to time.

We offer worldwide freight forwarding for any equipment or product you need to import or export. We manage ocean freight and airfreight imports from all over the world and our company are specialized in direct consolidation from Australia, United States and Singapore to Jakarta.

We can provide many options of reliable airlines and shipping lines to enable our customer to meet with their budget capability, and plan shipping costs as well as time of departure.

As a customs broker and forwarder, we will take care of all the documentation and clearing procedures associated with the import and export of goods as well as pay customs and excise duties on your behalf.

When you have multiple suppliers in Europe, Australia, USA or any other parts of the world we can arrange your cargo to be picked up from each supplier as required, transported to a central distribution point and consolidated for the shipment by either sea or airfreight to Indonesia.

And Our project logistics professionals are experts in the coordination of over-sized and heavy cargoes, utilizing various modes of transportation including heavy-lift geared ships, barge, rail and multi-axle trucks. Our staffs also experienced in a variety of plant construction and other types of projects, including power plants, chemical, high-tech and manufacturing plants, oil field projects, pollution and water control projects, etc. Through our worldwide network of offices and strategic alliance partners, PT. Word Trans Project is able to provide project logistics services even to the most remote destinations in Indonesia.