Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture



Change, focus, fast, constantly providing the best possible service, beyond internal and external customers’ expectations, fully confident in performing roles and responsibilities.


Possess high integrity level in performing roles and responsibilities set out by the company


Have a strength business connection, more opportunities and more knowledge, have different perspective and long-lasting relationships.


Proud to be part of World Trans and uphold values of togetherness, and together we build our future.


Full Commitment and endless Innovation, accountable and safety oriented


Good Relationships between employee build respect to each other, and with respect can boosts productivity, reduces stress and conflicts, solve problems and boost knowledge and understanding between employees.               


  1. Change is a necessity;
  2. The market is the foundation for the Company’s business development;
  3. Customer is the main factor in the Company’s success;
  4. Leadership encourages excellent performance;
  5. Competency is the main asset of the Company;
  6. Every activity conducted has to provide added values;
  7. Speed is very essential;

Technology becomes the leverage for business development.